• Maker: Vaidya Hanumant Bommu Gouda (Son of late Vaidya Bommu Shivu Gouda).
  • User Instructions:
  • Apply this oil to the body slowly and take a hot water bath after two hours.
  • Repete this procedure daily twice till the patient is cured.
  • This Ayurvedic oil can be used along with other medicines also.
  • This Belamber Oil gives relief from prolonged joint pain which we commonly see across aged people.
  • It also gives relief from any type of Paralysis, Sandu Vaatu etc.,but personalized medical assistance is recommended from vaidya Hanumant Bommu Gouda.
  • For Personal Medical Assistance contact: (08388) 230637.
  • Preferred Language: Kannada. 
  • Vaidya Bommu Shivu Gouda’s story is worth listening. Three hundred years ago, his ancestor was sitting in there freshly harvested paddy field when a sanyasi suddenly appeared before him and asked him for a medicine for his ailments. You are mistaken, replied the humble peasant and said I dont know any know how of any medicine for any ailment. But the sanyasi insisted and-urged him to follow him into the forest. Once there, he introduce him to rare roots, barks, herbs, resins, spices, pods and seeds. And he put them together in the famous Belambar magic oil for paralysis and rheumatic pains. Vaidya Bommu Shivu Gouda says his father Shivu Bommu Gouda,treated and cured Mahatma Gandhi when he went to Ankola, five kilometers from Belambar, for the second Salt Satyagraha in 1927,our Ex-Prime minister shri Deve Gouda and Famous actors Dr,Rajkumars wife Parwatamma Rajkumar and many more industrialist and celebrities has visited here and has been cured.He was awarded with prestigious "vaidyaratna" award.The grateful co-villagers erected an idol like memorial for the Vaidya and it is held in great reference even today.
    The fame of the Herbal medicine has spread far and wide-Bombay, Bangalore, Goa, and even foreign countries. The old hut has been replaced by a concrete structure, known as the Memorial Hospital. It has 17 rooms which are always full and the waiting list is impressive. So are the cures claimed by Bommu Shivu Gouda. Among those cured are some famous industrialists and mine-owners.The present vaidya is Hanumanth Bommu gouda.

Belambar Oil-500ml Approx (Paralysis Massage Oil)

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