Canmart is a unique company which main objective is to give our customer the best quality products and special products in its purest form that are available in its coverage area.our main objective is to take our tradition and culture to the national and international level through E-commerce as it is the fastest growing and easily accessible type of media now-a-days among youth and old generations.

        Now a days any food items that you purchase is not pure but in canmart you can buy the products that are made or obtained by natural process of manufacturing.And other products that you buy hear are of the best quality which pass through stringent quality control standards.
We deliver products with in India only.
"Products that are truely PURE and DURABLE.......".
Our intention is not commercial,
Our intention is to develop and bring healthy life style.

Our team includes :


                               Anil Kamat , Sirsi ,
                               Soft Ware Designer from the year 2000.
                               Shailesh Shanbhag , Kumta ,
                               Marketing , Sales and Service Executive from the year 2000.
                               Venkatramana Bhat , Kumta ,
                               Purohit from the year 1998. 
                               Thank you.,